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which don't even come with gravy

Le 24 March 2016, 03:36 dans Humeurs 0

I can't say I've ever had a real Southern meal. Despite being a city rich with world-class restaurants serving all manner of cuisines, Singapore is not well endowed with eateries serving Southern food (that is, Southern USA — biscuits, gravy, fried chicken, grits, red velvet cake). And no, Popeye's doesn't count.

But I love biscuits. The kind you mop up brown gravy with; the kind they used to serve at McDonald's for breakfast many years ago.

My many attempts at making those flaky, fluffy buttermilk biscuits have all been in vain. Our tropical weather and my non-air-conditioned kitchen make it damn near impossible — which probably says something about my talents and patience, or lack of. So C and I would settle for the Pilsbury variety. That's until they stopped stocking it at Jason's several years ago.

So the long and short of it is that we haven't had biscuits for a while. Well, we stopped at Popeye's one night but they make a poor excuse for biscuits, which don't even come with gravy!

It's a good thing then that I discovered Bon Appetit, Y'All by Virginia Willis. Its catchy title grabbed me immediately, and as it turns out, it is filled with easy-to-do home-style yet refined Southern recipes gleaned from the author's family kitchen. Within its pages are a recipe for Buttermilk Angel Biscuits, which, with its "trio of leaveners protects even the worst of bakers from abject failure", she writes. She must be speaking to me.

But before I tread once more into that familiar territory of biscuit failure, I figured I'd have a go at a decidedly easier recipe for Mayonnaise Biscuits. It is such a simple throw-everything-together recipe that the even author confesses to — in her younger, more foolish days — regarding it as one step above a baking mix. Be that as it may, it yielded such fabulous results that I am now determined to try her recipe for Buttermilk Angel Biscuits.

Penne with Sundried Tomatoes

Le 7 November 2014, 10:01 dans Humeurs 0

I have given up on trying to fight with J over pasta. In his ideal world, he would eat pasta 3x a week or more, and I would rather eat some veggies and not a meal full of carbs. I used to dig in my heels and not cook pasta ever (I have the power since I plan our meals!), and then I realised this made him a grumpycat and really – is eating pasta every once in a while worse than having a grumpycat boyfriend? I think not.

Relationships are all about choosing your battles and making small sacrifices and compromises, and pasta is one of those for us. Eating pasta makes J happy and so I’ll concede to eating a little more of it. (Psst, this is one of my favourite articles on tips for a better relationship: 15 Simple Rules for a Remarkable Couple Relationship.)

So! Pasta here I come! I made the commitment to find more delicious pasta recipes, other than our one go-to recipe, Creamy Chicken Penne with Sundried Tomatoes, Pesto, and Goat Cheese.

This Penne with Prosciutto, Sage, and Mushrooms may have just dethroned our Creamy Chicken Penne. It’s a rich, warming pasta recipe for Fall – the richness of the beef broth is deepened by the red wine – and I love being able to use fresh sage and rosemary from our garden. I’ve made the recipe multiple times using different mushrooms each time: crimini mushrooms, portobello, and shiitake. This time I used all portobello and I love how they add a hearty meatiness to the dish. You could easily make this dish vegetarian by subbing vegetable broth for the beef broth and removing the prosciutto, which I have done with good results.

So make this pasta for your man – and remember, choose those battles ;)

You have to taste them all

Le 20 August 2014, 11:21 dans Humeurs 0

I love bread. In any form. I want all the carbs International scholarship. This past weekend, I made beer bread, bought naan, and baked this amazing Savory Monkey Bread. I have no problem eating incredibly large amounts of bread and calling it dinner. This monkey bread in particular is really hard to stop eating, especially when you can choose from several different toppings. You have to taste them all, right Hong Kong Macau Ferry?

Loved every bit of it. I can’t wait to play around with more toppings! I featured a similar Herb Pull-Apart Bread from Thanksgiving 2011 and it was divine. This type of bread is so easy to create and so pretty on the table. Great for a holiday or just Tuesday night dinner! For this latest version, I used four different toppings. Dried dill, shredded cheddar, paprika, and the last was a combination of poppy seed, sesame seed, celery seed, and garlic pepper. I think the dill was my favorite with the combo topping coming in a close second. You could use any kind of herb or spice as a topping, even nuts!

For the bread in the picture, I followed Food Network’s instructions of using olive oil and I think the butter version is much better, so I’ve adjusted their recipe to feature the butter. You can use an angel food cake tube pan or a fluted tube pan for this recipe university ranking. Enjoy!

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